Kainskaya street, 13, Novosibirsk, 630007, Russia,tel:+7(383) 223-25-25, Fax 223-85-56, somc.glav@mail.ru

Quality management system certificate in accordance with GOST (State Standard) ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2011)

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630007, Russia, Novosibirsk,

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Life is short, the art is long, opportunity fleeting, experiment treacherous, judgment difficult. Therefore, not only the doctor should to use himself in case all that is necessary, but also the patient, and the surrounding, and all external circumstances should contribute to a doctor in his work.


Something about FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia

         Federal State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Siberian District Medical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency" (FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia) was established in 1926. For now, FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia is the modern medical institution providing primary care and specialized medical care, including high-tech medical procedures.         The license for medical practice from 03.11.2015 number ФС-54-01-002092, issued by the Federal Service for Surveillance in healthcare.
        Contact Information:
Address: 630007, Russia, Novosibirsk, Kainskaya street, 13. phone +7 (383) 223-25-25, fax +7 (383) 223-85-56, e-mail: somc.glav@mail.ru, the official website: www.somc-nsk.ru.
        Planned capacity FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia is 205 hospital beds in in-patient department, 20 beds in day hospital wards in polyclinic and 10 beds in day hospital in hospital, out-patient department – for 300 visits, 2 physicians and 2 other health centers on the territory of industrial factories.
        Diagnostic Centre is organized on the area of in-patient department of FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia.
        FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia works in the compulsory health insurance system, the state carries out the task of health care, public services / works for the federal budget, providing high-tech medical care by profiles: abdominal surgery, oncology, urology, gynecology, and otorhinolaryngology.
        The in-patient department annually provides medical care for more than 5 thousand of patients and at the out-patient department performed more than 150 thousand visits per year.
        Administration of FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia paid a lot of attention to the information of medical diagnostic and administrative processes.
        In the FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia implemented and successfully running medical information system "Medialog", which allows organizing and leading to a common pattern in most medical processes of the institution.
        FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia is the only of the medical organizations of the Novosibirsk region included in the pilot project of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation "Electronic sick-list."
        All structural units of medical treatment carried out in accordance with the standards and procedure for providing medical care.
        At the initiative of the Council of Nurses Standards and Technology practice nurses have been prepared, which greatly improved the quality of patient care.
        In FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia acquired modern equipment and implement effective technology that has allowed almost 40-fold increase in infectious safety for patients and staff.
        Since 2010 FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia has the Certificate of Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001-2011 requirements (ISO 9001: 2011), in 2011 - "The certificate for the right to conduct clinical trials of medicinal products."
        On the basis of the institution operating the Department of the Novosibirsk State Medical University (general surgery, oncology, radiation diagnosis). Employees engaged in research work, has for several years published an annual collection of scientific papers FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia. Conducted international multi-center clinical trials.
        In FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia qualified personnel work, including 2 doctors of medical sciences and 10 candidates of medical sciences. All health professionals have a specialist certificates. 64% of doctors, 68% of nurses have qualification categories
        There are one Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation and 8 persons were awarded the badge "Excellent Health" in the clinic staff.
        Active innovation activity, including informatization establishment, measures taken to improve the quality of care to the population, contributed to FSBIH SDMC of FMBA of Russia has become one of the best medical institutions of the Novosibirsk region, and for the last 5 years is awarded 8 large and 3 small "Gold Medal" International Exhibition ITE «Siberian Fair "(Novosibirsk) for the development of modern medical technology and publishing activity.